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Pipe Insulation Materials

At  we offer a range of materials, each suitable for different applications. Pipe insulation is very much "horses for courses"; what is perfect for one application may be totally unsuitable for another. A few factors you may want to consider are: What is your budget? There is little point paying for an expensive material if a cheaper one will do the same job but equally it is a false economy to opt for a cheap product that will not do the job. Where is the pipe you want to insulate? If you are running pipework in an attic space then usually something like a common polyethylene foam will do nicely but if you are insulating a plant room then a foil faced mineral fibre or phenolic foam would suit better. If the pipework is outdoors you need to consider whether or not the material is UV stable and if not what sort of protection is appropriate? Does the product need to be pre-split? A lot of products come pre split for ease of application
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FireMaster® FastWrap

FireMaster® FastWrap is an advanced duct wrap which provides excellent fire protection properties, is thin, lightweight and foil encapsulated for fast, easy installation. Whatever your application FastWrap duct insulation provides a highly capable, easy to install and cost effective fire protection solution. All of our FireMaster® products have been fully tested and meet international standards, ensuring that your ductwork is suitably protected in the event of fire. Flexible and thin, FastWrap® is easily applied to ducts and provides effective sound absorption and fire protection. The fibres which make up FastWrap duct wrap are rated to 1200⁰C whilst being completely inorganic and non-combustible. FastWrap duct wrap is fully encapsulated with reinforced aluminium foil and as such is suitable for wide ranging applications including air ventilation, hazardous chemical exhausts and even clothes dryer and commercial kitchen grease ducts. The full encapsulation also makes installa

Fire Stopping through Service Penetrations

Protecta FR Putty Cord is an easy to apply fire rated putty supplied as a non-setting cord. Fitting the putty cords will reinstate the fire rating of the partition and prevent the passage of smoke and flames in a fire and sound and air movement during service life.  The putty cord is designed to be easily fitted around service penetrations where the gap around the services is very small, or there is no gaps at all so a conventional fire rated sealant is impossible or difficult to fit due to the required depth and backing material. The putty cords are fitted covering the gap around the services and does not need to fill the gap to the required depth. Protecta FR Collar consists of a split white coated, circular steel casing designed to fit around plastic pipes. The collars have a secure and simple locking device.  The steel frame contains a graphite based swelling material that reacts to heat and fills the opening from the melting plastic through-penetration in cas

Order various insulation materials for Pipes, Lofts, Acoustic or Fire Protection in one place! is now carrying an expanded range in stock Alongside our core range of pipe insulation materials  we are also offering a host of new products for wider applications, making it even easier for you to get the best prices in one place with Nationwide coverage and free delivery on orders over £250 inc VAT as well as a range of Next Day and timed delivery options (orders for next working day must be placed by 2pm). We offer both encapsulated and traditional loft insulation (in a handy space saving pack) - you should aim to have a depth of 300mm of mineral fibre loft insulation if you are not using your loft for storage space; this is typically achieved by having 100mm laid between the joists (this is the usual depth) and then laying 200mm at an opposing angle across the top. Our acoustic options  will suit several applications. The Acoustic partition roll is a lightweight, non-combustible glass mineral wool insulation roll. The flexible roll

K Flex used in all 12 Stadiums at the 2018 World Cup in Russia

Following on from the supply of materials used in stadiums during the 2014 World Cup held in Brazil , since the first half of 2012 K-FLEX Russia has been supplying technical heat insulation for a number of large Russian stadiums to feature in the 2018 World Cup: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Saransk, Kazan, Ekaterinburg & Sochi to name a few; in total more than 11,000m3 of material was used! K-FLEX products were installed for heating pipes, water supply, air conditioning, ventilation systems, and acoustic insulation. Stadium “Opening Arena" in Moscow with a capacity of 45,000 people - in the 1-2 quarter of 2014 the materials K-FLEX ST were installed for heat pipes, water supply and air conditioning. Total supply volume was more than 300 m3 of technical heat insulation K-FLEX. Stadium “Luzhniki” will host the 2018 World Cup's opening game between hosts Russia & Saudi Arabia Stadium “Luzhniki” (which will host the tournament's opening game between hosts Ru

Achieve up to 2 hours fire protection on ductwork with Knauf's Rocksilk Pyroduct Slab

Rock mineral wool is totally non-combustible: it has excellent fire insulation properties. Knauf Insulation’s Rocksilk® PyroDuct  is made from rock mineral wool: it’s been certified as providing steel ventilation ductwork – both Type A and B – with up to two hours fire protection. Rocksilk® PyroDuct is just one of Knauf Insulation’s market leading range of HVAC insulation products . Rock mineral wool is justifiably well known for having excellent fire insulation properties and, having been tested in accordance with BS 476-4: 1970(1984), is classified as ‘non-combustible’. It’s a feature that Rocksilk® PyroDuct makes good use of. Rocksilk® PyroDuct is a high density, rock mineral wool insulation slab specifically designed to provide fire protection for steel ventilation ducts and can be used for horizontal and vertical ducts, ducts passing through compartment walls and floors and kitchen extract ductwork. Rocksilk® PyroDuct has also been tested in accordance with BS 476-24: 198
Available to buy online now at Superglass Handy Pack 44 is a lightweight, non-combustible glass mineral wool insulation roll. The flexible roll is perforated at 2 x 570mm & 3 x 380mm to allow easy installation between common joist spacings and minimum on-site cutting and waste. Superglass Handy Pack 44 is mainly used to provide thermal and acoustic insulation in lofts/cold roofs. However, it can be used in a number of other applications where a lightweight glass mineral wool product is required. Thermal Performance Handy Pack 44 has a thermal conductivity of 0.044W/mK. Fire Performance Superglass products are classified as Euroclass A1 to BS EN 13501-1. Superglass products being non-combustible will not contribute towards a fire load. Environment Superglass products have zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and zero Global Warming Potential (GWP). The products are also CFC and HCFC free. Recycled Content Superglass produ