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Kingspan Supplies Complete Renewable Energy Package at Leading UK Industrial Park

The owners of Prologis Park, an industrial estate in Coventry wanted a complete renewable energy package to ensure energy efficiency across its 1.5 million ft2 site, primarily used for warehousing.

With sustainability a key design factor throughout the development of this Park specifically, and all Prologis Parks generally, passive, low-energy design is essential along with sensitive use of water resources.

In order to meet its performance specification the decision was taken to install a solar thermal system to boost its energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint. The complex is now heated by one of the highest performing solar thermal collectors in the world, generating up to 70 per cent of its hot water needs. A Kingspan Envireau rainwater harvesting system provides all the water for the park's WCs.

Pipe insulation by Kingspan Tarec has contributed to reduced heat loss and lower energy costs.

Prologis Park in Coventry is one of the country's most successful industrial estates. The scheme provides more than 1.5 m square feet of warehousing and office units.

Kingspan Environmental was approached by the Park's designated installer, mechanical and electrical contractor P&R Morson of Halesowen, to design bespoke solar thermal and rainwater harvesting systems to boost energy efficiency and reduce the Park's carbon footprint.

With sustainability a key design factor throughout the development of this Park specifically, and all Prologis Parks generally, passive, low-energy design is essential, along with sensitive use of water resources.

The company specified two Kingspan Solar Range Tribune 180 litre cyclinders plus Thermomax DF 100 vacuum tube direct flow collectors and a Kingspan Water Envireau rainwater harvesting system which provides water to flush all of the WCs in the park.

The pipework was insulated with approximately 970 metres of Kingspan Tarec Kooltherm pipe insulation by Cilex Insulations Ltd of Staffordshire.

The Thermomax DF 100 is a system ideally suited to the needs of Prologis and other industrial or commercial centres.  The solar thermal water heating fulfils any residual space heating as well as hot water requirements onsite. It can be installed on a pitched or horizontal surface, and the tube can be rotated 25˚ to compensate for installations that deviate from south.

What's more, all Thermomax collectors are up to 30 per cent more effective than traditional flat plate panels, using vacuum technology to deliver an unrivalled transfer of solar energy into heat.  The vacuum inside each tube not only provides outstanding insulation, it also suppresses heat loss by protecting the system from cold, wet or windy weather. The result is optimum performance levels all year round, even in the UK.

Thermomax collectors are also highly reliable with little risk of either stagnation or overheating in buildings such as industrial estates where usage and loading can vary greatly throughout the year.  Routine maintenance is minimal with the system needing servicing every five years.

Kingspan Solar's Tribune HE cylinders offer the benefits of mains pressure hot water making them particularly suitable for use in commercial properties such as Prologis with multiple WCs/bathrooms. They also offer fast reheat times and exceptionally low heat loss.

Trevor Cross, Specification Sales Director at Kingspan Environmental, which owns Kingspan Solar and Kingspan Water, says: "The Kingspan integrated approach across the divisions within the company meant we could collectively put together a complete, high performance package of systems for the customer."

Michael Slevin, Senior Contracts Manager at P&R Morson, said: "Even though we had not installed these systems before, the installation was self explanitory and the commissioning and setting up of each of the systems was easy to do which enabled us to demonstrate to the client with minimal fuss.

"We were delighted with both the product and service we received from Kingspan Tarec. Their technical assistance with regards to the BREEAM requirements was extremely useful and we experienced a trouble free installation with the product."

Kingspan Solar offers custom-designed solar packages tailored to meet the needs of each specific application.  Packages include total customer support from initial advice, through to bespoke design/specification, installation, final commissioning and technical support.  The company also now offers funding solutions for solar thermal installations through their finance partners and accredited installers' network.

The Kingspan Solar range includes both flat plate options (in-roof or on-roof) and Thermomax evacuated tube collectors, together with all required components for the complete installation.


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