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Kooltherm® FM Premier Choice

Kingspan Tarec® has always focused on providing specifiers, mechanical engineers and contractors with highest level of technical support, allowing them to get maximum benefit from the premium performance of its Kooltherm® FM Complete Pipe Insulation System. Now it’s going one step further with the introduction of the new Kooltherm® FM Premier and Premier Plus Services, delivering clear advice and guidance at every stage in a project, from the initial specification, to site visits and certification.

The Kooltherm FM® Premier Service is specifically targeted at installations of Kooltherm® FM Pipe Insulation. It includes an initial consultation and pre-tender ‘KFM’ Koolspec check service along with thermal calculations and design support to ensure compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations. Once the product is on site, Kingspan Tarec® will provide two site inspections in addition to telephone support through the Pipeline Technical Advisory Service, providing responses to any issues within 24 hours.

Alternatively for installations of the entire Kooltherm® FM Complete Pipe Insulation System, which includes Kooltherm® Insulated Pipe Supports and Kooltherm® FireSleeves, Kingspan Tarec® has introduced the Kooltherm® FM Premier Plus Service. Along with the benefits already mentioned, this top tier service includes a further three site inspections and separate visits from Kingspan Pipeline Technical Representatives. In addition, Kingspan Tarec’s expert technical team will also provide a pre-design assessment of details, SAP calculations and a Toolbox installation training talk. Once the project is completed, the contractor will be supplied with a certification of installation and a full, project specific warranty.

Specifically designed for use with pipework in an operating temperature of -50°C to +110°C, Kooltherm® FM Pipe Insulation can achieve thermal conductivities as low as 0.025 W/m.K, allowing the desired thermal performance to be achieved with a minimum thickness. Both Kooltherm® FM pipe insulation and insulated pipe supports have a green guide A+ rating. The products also provide outstanding fire performance with a Euroclass rating of BL-s1, d0 and are FM approval to standard 4924. The recent addition of Kooltherm® FireSleeves, which expand in the event of fire to seal any penetrations in fire rated building elements, mean the Kooltherm® FM Complete Pipe Insulation System can now provide a single compliant insulation solution.

Kingspan Tarec® Kooltherm® FM Pipe Insulation is available as a freely downloadable BIM object from either or the BIMStore website. It is also the only dedicated pipe insulation product to hold an LABC Warranty and LABC Registered Detail. As a result local authority building control surveyors across Britain do not need to repeat the checking and approval process for the product, speeding up projects and saving costs for all parties.


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