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Pipe Insulation for Condensation Control

When you have cold pipes operating at temperatures below the ambient temperature of the room you are likely to have problems with the formation of condensation on the pipes. This moisture is one of the main causes of corrosion on pipes, and can also lead to water dripping off of the pipes, so correctly insulating your pipes to prevent this saves time & problems in the long run. The correct pipe insulation will provide an effective barrier against condensation provided that the surface of the insulation is above that of the dewpoint temperature of the air and that it also acts as a vapor barrier so that the water cannot pass through it to the surface of the pipe. Therefore, you need to use a closed cell pipe insulation with a high emissivity surface - a high emissivity surface is essentially one that absorbs heat eg a product with a black finish. The best insulation to use in this instance is there for expanded nitrile rubber, a black closed cell foam product. Leading brands