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The benefits of using Phenolic Foam Pipe Insulation

Phenolic Foam is one of the fastest growing insulation products in the UK market today, so we thought it might be worth looking at the comparative benefits of using such products. In this blog we will look at the following areas: Thermal Performance Fire Performance Moisture Resistance Environmental Impact Price Thermal Performance When looking at phenolic foam insulation, thermal performance is probably the most obvious place to begin; why? Because phenolic foam is simply better than every other commonly available product, and by quite a distance. Typically phenolic insulation has a thermal conductivity of around 0.021W/m.K at +10ºC, (This is an initial value, the "aged" value is usually more like 0.025W/m.K for a good quality foam) compared to to around 0.032W/m.K for glass wool at the same temperature. Does this make it a better insulation? Yes and no, thermally speaking it is certainly the superior product, but as we always advocate in this blog; you need to