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How to accessorize for maximum effect - Part 2: Outdoor Use

Continuing our series looking at the use of insulation accessories, in this entry we will be looking at how to protect insulation for external use. The basic problem with the majority of thermal pipe insulation products is that you cannot use them outdoors; notable exceptions are premium products such as  Eurobatex R  which can be used externally without painting due to its protective polyolefin skin, but comes at a price premium compared to other products, or high temperature EPDM rubbers such as  Eurobatex AT  which are inherently UV stable but lacks the thermal values to be used for frost protection on smaller pipes (this product is intended mainly for use on solar pipework where the thermal requirements differ from conventional thermal insulation products). These products aside, the more common closed cell flexible foams such as  Eurobatex Pipe Insulation ,  Climaflex Pipe Insulation  or  Armaflex Pipe Insulation  will degrade in sunlight. Typically, polyethylene pipe insula

How to accessorize for maximum effect - Part 1: Sealing Insulation

Don't worry - this has nothing to do with Paris Hilton, Gok Wan or any other fashion aficionados. But if it did, they would probably agree the accessories you choose have a huge impact on the end result. Picking the right insulation is of course the most important choice, but you should choose the right accessory products to match it for maximum effect. The products you use can vary from clips or tapes which are very easy to use, to contact adhesives or external jacketing which require a little more know-how. So, lets begin by looking at basic products for sealing insulation. Why seal insulation? Basically, if you have open seams or butt joints then this is a point of weakness - letting heat out, or cold in depending on your point of view. Probably the most low tech solution for sealing domestic grey pipe insulation (eg  Climaflex ) would be a product like  Clima-Clips  which you simply pinch into place along the seams or but joints - a good rule of thumb would be to