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KoolDuct gets Museum on the go

Glasgow’s stunning new £74 million museum, on the banks of the rivers Clyde and Kelvin, has taken full advantage of the space saving and single-fix installation benefits offered by Kingspan’s KoolDuct System. The Riverside Museum of Travel and Transport, majority-funded by Glasgow City Council and built by BAM Construct UK, has proved a huge success since opening its doors to the public. The Museum has welcomed over 1,000,000 visitors in the first six months alone. Maximizing the effect of the fluid and futuristic building design from multi-award winning architect, Zaha Hadid, was a key factor for the 7000m² exhibition space. To achieve this, all building services, including the air-distribution ductwork system, had to be concealed. As a result all services were routed through a vast network of trenches beneath the museum floor, ensuring that the exhibition area maintained its clean, open and contemporary feel throughout. Space within the trenches was tightly restricted

Lake Ellsworth: Exploring the Unknown

In December 2012, a team of British scientists and engineers will drill through 3km of solid ice into the buried Lake Ellsworth, Antarctica, to search for life forms in the water and clues to the past climate on earth buried in the lake bed sediments. AIM has been helping the project in  its own small, but important, way. Les Johnson (AIM’s Technical Director and resident insulation systems expert) has contributed to the project by designing an insulation system capable of protecting the stainless steel inlet pipe to the all-important hot water drill, down to continuous operating temperatures of as low as -25 ° C. This system incorporates elements provided by NMC UK, an insulation manufacturer based in Tredegar, South Wales who specialise in polyethylene foams, and combining this with a heat trace system manufactured by Pentair Thermal Management of Washington, Tyne and Wear. The mission is the culmination of years of research into life in extreme environments. If t

Eurobatex Class 0 Pipe Insulation; Flexible Thinking

Eurobatex Class 0 is a high quality, European manufactured expanded nitrile rubber (ENR) material which comes in a variety of forms suitable for a vast range of applications. Eurobatex products are manufactured by Union Foam in Italy, who are one of Europe's oldest and most respected manufacturers of flexible elastomeric foam insulation. The range available consists of tubes, both as 2m lengths and continuous coils, sheet and with a variety of facings. Union Foam also manufactures a range of EPDM rubbers that are suitable for the insulation of solar thermal pipework. Eurobatex is particularly suitable for the thermal insulation of pipework on refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems. It is dust and fibre free, HCFC free, and has an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of 0 as well as a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of Zero. As with all nitrile rubbers Eurobatex Class 0 is inherently resistant to microbes, making it ideal for use in hospital applications or applicati


ROCKWOOL launches DOES IT BURN? video campaign to educate public on benefits of insulation measures beyond energy efficiency Green Deal improvements could also protect homes from fire, according to stone wool insulation systems and solutions supplier ROCKWOOL which says more needs to be done to educate consumers about the added benefits of retrofitting their homes. The firm has developed a new YouTube video in its DOES IT BURN? series, which sees £500 cash (representing the energy bill saving householders could make through insulating their homes*) being placed into a mini-house made of ROCKWOOL and then blasted with a flame thrower. The £500 is then shown being extracted from the box, undamaged. ROCKWOOL has developed the video with the aim of educating consumers about the multiple roles that insulation can play beyond carbon and energy bill savings. ROCKWOOL UK Corporate Affairs Director, Paula Bateman states:  “The Government has pledged that the Green Deal will brin