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Warming houses linked to better health

That toasty warm building in winter may not just be psychologically comforting. According to a UK study, improving buildings to enhance "thermal comfort" - with central heating or insulation, for instance - pays off in both physical and mental well being. "I think the main message is that housing improvement can improve health, especially if it's warmth and energy improvement targeting people with respiratory illnesses," said Hilary Thomson, the study's lead author from the Medical Research Council in Glasgow, UK. Several studies have tied poor housing conditions to poor health, but there are some questions about the quality of evidence for that link, according to Thomson and her colleagues. Researchers have trouble teasing apart the effects of poor housing and other factors that may play a role, such as age and poverty, Thomson and her team write in The Cochrane Library. The most common housing conditions tied to poor health are

Special Offer: Free Shiiping Easter Promotion

#EASTER To celebrate Easter 2013, we are offering FREE Standard Shipping on orders over £100 inc VAT (Normally £250 inc VAT to qualify for free standard shipping). Just use the promotional code EASTERBUNNY at the checkout to claim your free shipping! This offer is valid Until Tuesday 2nd April. The offer may be redeemed against multiple purchases, though it may not be used in conjunction with any other discounted items or special offers.

Building News: Kooltherm keeps it slim

Kingspan's Kooltherm range of products' ability to deliver outstanding thermal performance, from minimal insulation thicknesses, has been used to full effect as part of the retrofit of an extraordinarily narrow house in central London. Slim House, a mid-terrace in Clapham, London, measures just 2.3 metres across internally. The plot was originally used as access to stables from the high street and many of the rooms in the building were cramped and gloomy. Architects Alma-nac were hired to design an extension for the rear of the property. Tristan Wigfall, partner at Alma-nac, discussed the project: "At Slim House our aim was to improve both the internal space and natural lighting against a tight budget. To achieve this we designed a rear extension with a slanted slate clad roof. This allowed several rooflights to be installed, greatly improving the natural lighting in the centre of the house. The Kingspan Kooltherm products were a key part of this soluti

Product Highlight: The Benefits of Rockwool Insulation

PERFORMANCE AND PROPERTIES Our factories mimic the natural process that occurs inside volcanoes, spinning and cooling a lava-like substance in a controlled environment. The raw material – diabase rock –is a renewable and plentiful natural resource, making ROCKWOOL ®  stone wool highly sustainable. We also substitute virgin raw materials with similar waste materials, turning more than 300,000 tonnes a year of ’rubbish’ into a valuable resource. To make ROCKWOOL ®  stone wool, coke is added to the raw material fed and into the top of the cupola furnace which operates at over 1500ºC. The melt runs out of the bottom onto the spinning machine, where the fibres are spun. Minor amounts of binder and oil are added, and the wool is collected on a belt conveyor in the spinning chamber. The structure and density of the wool is adjusted before it enters the curing oven (and maintained after the binder has been cured). The cured wool then proceeds to the cutting saws and packing e

Product Highlight:Isogenopak Rigid PVC Jacketing

Isogenopak® is a special rigid PVC film for jacketing of insulated pipes. A dry, clean fitting is guaranteed. The inherent curl makes it the ideal material for quick and easy covering.  Isogenopak® is self-extinguishing and has considerable resistance to acids, alkalis, salts, oil, petrol, aliphatic hydrocarbons and corrosive atmospheres. Iin addition, the material cannot corrode and is virtually impermeable to water vapour. It is unaffected by fresh and salt water and impervious to gases, grease and oil. The chemical characteristics of Isogenopak® are matched by equally good physical characteristics: High longitudinal and lateral tear resistance, high elasticity and shock resistance. Isogenopak® is very light: one square metre, 0.350 mm thick, weighs only about 500 g. Physiologically harmless, Isogenopak® has a light grey smooth surface which guarantees a long lasting elegant appearance. It requires no care or maintenance and also has very good antistatic characteristics.

Insulation News: Rockwool CEO Comments on 2012 Annual Report

CEO COMMENT: TOWARDS A TRULY GLOBAL BUSINESS CEO Eelco van Heel presents the current status and future directions for the ROCKWOOL Group as presented in the Annual Report 2012: Eelco van Heel, CEO of the ROCKWOOL Group "We have a solid platform and a strong position to build our future growth on" In 2012 the Group put full force behind the execution of its Rock the Globe strategy – developed and fine-tuned based upon the assumption that the world economy in general, and the building industry specifically, will remain very challenging in the years to come. Our core European insulation business will remain the backbone of our success where we are optimising activities on all fronts. This includes more sophisticated and customer oriented routes to market for our products and systems and a major re-engineering of our production set up. We are also focusing keenly on raising market awareness of the unique combination of properties naturally intrinsic to our