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Kingspan Announce Results for the year ended 31 December 2013

Kingspan, the global leader in high performance insulation and building envelope solutions, reports its preliminary results for the year ended 31 December 2013. Highlights: Financial Highlights: Sales up 10% to €1.79bn. Trading profit up 14% to €122.8m. Group trading margin of 6.9%, an increase of 30bps. Underlying trading margin before the impact of acquisitions increased by 40bps. Basic EPS up 18% to 51.7 cent. Final dividend per share of 8.5 cent. Total dividend for the year up 14% to 14.0 cent (2012: 12.25 cent). A decrease in net debt to €107.6m (2012: €165.5m). Net debt to EBITDA of 0.66x (2012: 1.12x). Increase in ROCE by 160bps to 12.3% (2012:10.7%). Operational Highlights: Insulated Panels sales up 23% and trading profit up 23%, with significant contributions from the ThyssenKrupp Construction and Rigidal Industries LLC acquisitions. Underlying sales pre-currency and acquisitions were up 2%. Solid performance in Insulation Boards where s


CEO Eelco van Heel comments on the current status and future directions for the ROCKWOOL Group as presented in the Annual Report 2013. European decision makers in the building industry are starting to feel more confident, with building owners and investors becoming more optimistic about the longer term prospects. At last there are indications that the building industry in Europe is moving out of the crisis which has dominated the past few years. Our scenario is not that of a strong and quick recovery, rather a gradual improvement over the coming years which will slowly increase the market for new buildings from the recently low level we have seen in several European countries. This is good news for the ROCKWOOL Group. Our manufacturing base in Europe is being re-engineered with new technologies which can support fresh market segmentation and positioning strategies. As the new build construction markets recover, we can be confident that the volumes of insulation products

The Beginners Guide to Pipe Insulation: Flexible Foams

Next up in the series we are doing on pipe insulation is "flexible foams"; a category that includes polyethylene and expanded nitrile rubber. Polyethylene Pipe Insulation Climaflex pipe insulation is the UK's leading brand for polyethylene pipe insulation. This is the grey foam that most people are familiar with, the kind you would traditionally find in garden centres for example. Polyethylene is the cheapest, widely available product in the market. People very often wrongly assume cheap means poor quality, this is not the case with a brand such as Climaflex. It has a thermal conductivity of 0.034 W/m.K at 0 °C which is broadly equal to that of any other flexible foam, and it also has a much higher " μ factor" than other foams, making it more resistant to moisture ingress. These facotrs make it ideal for use around the home, being easy to work with and providing good insulation.  The material can be purchased in 1m and 2m lengths, and is availabl

Penketh tenants get energy efficient with Golden Gates Housing Trust

Golden Gates Housing Trust (GGHT) tenants living on The Grove, Penketh have benefitted from a “whole house” energy project from the Trust. The project has seen five properties completely transformed, with works including the installation of new roofs, solar PV (panels), 300mm loft insulation, replacement windows, cavity wall ties, external wall insulation, new entrance doors and canopy‟s, voltage optimisation units and the production of new Energy Performance Certificates. The residents were also given advice on how to change their behaviours so they can save even more on their energy bills. In addition home owners on the estate were also offered the works, with one taking up the offer. They were able to benefit from the Trust‟s expertise in energy efficiency and the reduced costs GGHT were able to offer. Residents living in the properties are expected to save an average of £160 per year on their fuel bills. Local resident, Mrs Williams commented: “Since the work h

The Beginners Guide To Pipe Insulation: Getting to grip with the basics

Our Beginners Guide series of blogs will look at the common areas of pipe insulation lagging that you will want to look at when choosing your product. This guide will be of most interest to the DIY installers, but some of our later guides will cover more complex products and areas of application. One of the things we get asked about a lot is what the dimensions quoted for pipe insulation actually mean. You will always see three measurements quoted when describing pipe insulation; Wall Thickness, Bore Size and Length. In the below diagram, A is the "Bore" and B is the "Wall". Wall thickness is very simply how much insulation you have; so for example if you have 13mm Wall pipe insulation, then that means you have 13mm of insulation on either side of your pipe. This thickness is very often one of the most important part of your decision; too thin and you might not get the results you are looking for but too thick and it might not fit between your pipe and the w