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A new order for Abu Dhabi’s TAKREER refinery project provides an excellent example on the huge business opportunities in the Middle East. The ROCKWOOL Group has since 2010 seen a steady growth in this region. With 54% of the world’s total oil reserves lying in the Middle East, it is pertinent that a sustainable measure be employed in processing the raw resource to prevent both environmental damage and future energy supply crises. A new sense of urgency to adapt more sustainable business methods is starting to win ground in this region, which has otherwise built a successful and expanding economy almost solely on its oil and natural gas reserves. In the United Arab Emirates the ROCKWOOL Group is playing its role by supplying insulation to Abu Dhabi’s TAKREER refinery project. The finished construction will increase production in Ruwais where already a host of refineries and processing plants constitute an industrial complex initially opened in 1982. The latest addition to be su

Kingspan Supplies Complete Renewable Energy Package at Leading UK Industrial Park

The owners of Prologis Park , an industrial estate in Coventry wanted a complete renewable energy package to ensure energy efficiency across its 1.5 million ft2 site, primarily used for warehousing. With sustainability a key design factor throughout the development of this Park specifically, and all Prologis Parks generally, passive, low-energy design is essential along with sensitive use of water resources. In order to meet its performance specification the decision was taken to install a solar thermal system to boost its energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint. The complex is now heated by one of the highest performing solar thermal collectors in the world, generating up to 70 per cent of its hot water needs. A Kingspan Envireau rainwater harvesting system provides all the water for the park's WCs. Pipe insulation by Kingspan Tarec has contributed to reduced heat loss and lower energy costs. Prologis Park in Coventry is one of the country's most success


ROCKWOOL International A/S comments on today’s announcement from the European Council that it has set an indicative energy efficiency target for 2030 of meagre 27%. Commenting on Thursday's announcement  from the European Council that it has set an indicative energy efficiency target for 2030 of meagre 27%, Susanne Dyrbøl, Public Affairs Manager, at ROCKWOOL International stated: “We are extremely disappointed in today’s decision. This highly unambitious target is truly a missed opportunity for boosting the prosperity of European citizens, for job creation, for economic growth and for improving Europe’s ability to deal with geo-political energy shocks. Today’s announcement by the European Council to set only an indicative energy efficiency target for the next decade of meagre 27% is at best business as usual. It can in no way be seen as a strong political signal that Europe wants to retain its global leadership position in energy efficiency or that the prosperity of Europ


CEO of the ROCKWOOL Group, Eelco van Heel posted a comment on the business web site 21 October 2014 where he calls for the European Council to show leadership and approve on an ambitious energy savings target this week. As a leading global insulation company based in Denmark, making most of our income by providing solutions to save energy, we are saddened to realise that most of our growth opportunities are now placed outside the EU. Despite the huge untapped energy savings potential in the EU, our latest investments in new insulation factories or acquisitions of insulation activities have taken place in China, India, Russia, and the US. On October 23-24, European Heads of State or Government will take a landmark decision on Europe's energy future when they vote, amongst other things, on the ambition level for energy efficiency improvements for the coming decade. This decision will not only shape the future prosperity of European citizens and the growth p

European Alliance to Save Energy call for an EU binding energy savings target for 2030

49 companies and business associations are sending an open letter to the European Council calling for an EU binding energy savings target for 2030. The letter is sent to the attention of the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy and the Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi who is currently holding the rotating EU presidency of the Council of the EU. Dear President, Dear Prime Minister, In the coming days the European Council decision on the 2030 climate and energy package will be finalised. Despite a wide understanding of the importance of energy efficiency in delivering European security, prosperity and climate action, this is not yet been turned into a concrete and ambitious political commitment. A binding energy efficiency target of at least 40% on final energy is a key element for delivering a credible European 2030 climate and energy package. At a time of competitiveness concerns and fears about the affordability of the package, energy efficiency offers a

Kingspan KoolDuct for UK's largest Passivhaus standard residential development

Chester Balmore, the UK's largest residential scheme so far designed to meet the demanding Passivhaus Standard, is the latest project to benefit from the premium performance Kingspan KoolDuct System. Situated in the leafy streets of Highgate, the 53 units, developed for Camden Council by Willmott Dixon and designed by Rick Mathers Architects, are being built as part of Camden’s Community Investment Programme (CIP) to invest in homes, schools and community facilities. Designed and built to keep energy consumption to a minimum, these ultra-modern homes enable occupants to reduce energy bills without compromising on the comfort expected at home. To help achieve the stringent Passivhaus standard, over 1,200 m2 of The Kingspan KoolDuct System was installed by RDS Projects Ltd throughout the residential units, helping to deliver perfect airflow through the Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery System. Paul Mullin of Rick Mathers Architects commented “The aim of this proj


Today, ROCKWOOL International A/S, the world’s leading provider of stone wool insulation , has been recognised by CDP as a Nordic leader for climate change transparency. Claus Bugge Garn, VP Public Affairs, ROCKWOOL International A/S, said:“We are proud to be included in the coveted Nordic CDP Climate Disclosure Leadership Index, having improved our score from 86 to 95 points. However, with just eight days before EU’s Heads of States take a critical decision on the energy efficiency and GHG emissions target for the next decade, it is extremely urgent for us to appeal for political leadership. It will be a huge, missed opportunity if the Heads of States fail to raise the bar from the utterly insufficient  30% efficiency target proposed by the EU Commission. A binding target of 40% energy savings by 2030 needs to be set if we are to keep the leadership position on efficiency, which Europe have had in the past.” The EU Commission’s impact assessment shows a 40% efficiency target wi


The new ground-breaking facility features ROCKWOOL insulation ’s multi-benefit system to improve both comfort and fire safety. On 14 October, the Singapore Sports Hub played host to an international friendly between footballing giants Brazil and Japan, showcasing some of the world’s most coveted sports stars. With the likes of Neymar and Kagawa participating, excited fans  purchased over 30,000 tickets for the event held at the new €600 million National Stadium. Juventus FC, the most successful Italian football club in history, took on the Singapore national team in an inaugural match at the Sports Hub in August of this year, and since then, the state-of-the-art stadium has hosted numerous sporting events, most notably the Rugby World Cup 10’s. However, it is future prospects that take precedence, with the SEA Games 2015 planning to utilise the arena in Singapore as its main location. Singapore Sports Hub with ROCKWOOL® insulation ROCKWOOL Singapore’s contribution to t


Claus Bugge Garn, VP and energy efficiency expert, at ROCKWOOL International A/S: “Europe’s energy future is at a crossroads. It might seem obvious that Europe would desire more economic growth and jobs, lower energy imports and costs, less energy poverty, and even less CO 2 . Energy efficiency can deliver all that cost effectively, but when it comes to actions and to setting the ambition level for 2030 then now is the last-minute call for political leadership.” In just two weeks, the European Council of Ministers will decide on its 2030 energy savings target. The European Parliament has already voted in favour of a binding 40% energy savings target for 2030. But this summer, the European Commission proposed to lower the energy savings target to just 30%, yet even the European Commission’s own impact assessment has shown that an even higher energy savings target can deliver  many more benefits ; including energy security, reduction of energy import dependency, more jobs and grea


Leading industries call for 40% binding energy efficiency target. The 2030 Climate & Energy Package and the EU Energy Security Strategy both feature top of the political agendas ahead of the Ministerial Council on 23rd October. The 28 EU Heads of State have been asked to undertake stress-tests in order to assess their capacity to react in case of disruptions to energy supplies from foreign imports this winter. In a letter addressed to the 28 Heads of State, three leading industry associations explain that “A wide-scale deep renovation of the building stock across the EU could drastically reduce EU energy imports with no higher costs than other supply-oriented solutions.  Indeed, given that the building sector is the highest user of gas, reducing our dependence on gas should start with cutting energy waste in buildings”. Ensuring that a binding energy efficiency target of at least 40% is secured within the 2030 Energy & Climate Package is a pre-requisite to triggering p