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Kingspan Group PLC announces the acquisition of Joris Ide Group

Kingspan , the global leader in high performance insulation and building envelopes, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Ergon Capital Partners II NV and Bremhove NV, to acquire 100% of the shares of Steel Partners NV, the holding company of the Joris Ide Group (“Joris Ide”). Joris Ide is a pan European manufacturer and supplier of insulated panels, profiles and related accessories, with leading market positions in France and the Benelux. It has 5 insulated panel manufacturing facilities in Belgium, Germany, Romania and Russia, and 11 regional manufacturing sites across Europe, which provide a uniquely complementary geographic footprint to Kingspan’s existing European insulated panel business. Gene Murtagh, Kingspan Chief Executive Officer, commented: "The acquisition of Joris Ide Group represents a quantum leap forward in the execution of our strategy to fully globalise Kingspan. It takes us into a distinctly different tier in the market


As a member of the UK Green Building Council, ROCKWOOL is proud to announce its adoption of the new member’s commitment statement reflecting UKGBC’s vision of creating ‘a built environment that enables a high quality of life for people, within limits our planet can support’. THE COMMITMENT ASKS MEMBERS TO: Champion UKGBC’s vision by integrating sustainability into its business operations. Demonstrate its commitment by leading and advocating practices that are environmentally responsible, ethical and fair. Be open and transparent about its progress and share best practice with others. Members will be asked to share and demonstrate the positive ways they are meeting their pledge. Rory Moss, Managing Director of ROCKWOOL Ltd, says, “I am very pleased to have signed up the UKGBC Member’s Commitment. ROCKWOOL is a company that has long been committed to sustainability, setting ourselves ambitious targets to reduce our impact on the environment and to look after our


A product innovation will soon help home-owners and building designers struggling to make sustainable, low-energy buildings in a cost-effective manner. At Europe’s biggest construction fair, BAU , in Munich 19-24 January 2015, the first new prototypes will be launched of the “ Global insulation product of the year ” 2014: the ROCKWOOL Group’s innovative ROCKFRAME® profile for making window frames more energy efficient. Every year, Europe’s building industry installs more than 60 million windows, a market worth billions of euros. Windows with improved performance are crucial when designing more sustainable buildings that reduce carbon emissions and energy bills. Triple-glazing and special gas filling are already used by many window producers, but over the next few years much stricter energy requirements will become mandatory, challenging not just the windows industry, but also designers eager to create innovative architecture. More affordable sustainable buildings with windows savi


Sweet music or terrible noise? Our ear is highly sensitive to sound that can lift us to the greatest of emotions; from joy to dismay. Today on Wednesday 14th of January, one of the most challenging sound-scaping projects will be put to the test when the Philharmonie de Paris, designed by internationally renowned French architect Jean Nouvel, will be inaugurated. The new main concert hall alone will accommodate from 2,400 to 3,650 critical pair of ears, the music ranging from large symphonies to jazz and world music. Achieving the perfect sound experience in all corners of such a big room is truly an architectural challenge and to lift this task, Jean Nouvel’s team of architects have joined forces with  leading acousticians Sir Harold Marshall from New Zealand and Yasuhisa Toyota from Japan. The mission of the Philharmonie de Paris is to be a great center for music education and culture, accessible to everyone and with a wide variety of daily courses for youth and adults. Apart f

Kooltherm® FM Premier Choice

Kingspan Tarec® has always focused on providing specifiers, mechanical engineers and contractors with highest level of technical support, allowing them to get maximum benefit from the premium performance of its Kooltherm® FM Complete Pipe Insulation System . Now it’s going one step further with the introduction of the new Kooltherm® FM Premier and Premier Plus Services, delivering clear advice and guidance at every stage in a project, from the initial specification, to site visits and certification. The Kooltherm FM® Premier Service is specifically targeted at installations of Kooltherm® FM Pipe Insulation. It includes an initial consultation and pre-tender ‘KFM’ Koolspec check service along with thermal calculations and design support to ensure compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations. Once the product is on site, Kingspan Tarec® will provide two site inspections in addition to telephone support through the Pipeline Technical Advisory Service, providing responses to an