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The FirePro® SoftSeal System provides a firestopping solution for applications where high levels of movement in the building’s services or joints need to be accommodated. ROCKWOOL FIREPRO® SoftSeal System incorporates a product specifically designed to form a linear joint seal within buildings, where the design needs to accommodate movement in the joint. It may be installed horizontally or vertically and is suitable for linear joint widths up to 300mm*. FIREPRO® SoftSeal Linear Joint Seal can also be used as a ‘head-of-wall’ barrier to extend the fire resistance and acoustic performances of masonry walls that finishat suspended ceiling height, up to the concrete soffit above. FIREPRO® SoftSeal Linear Joint Seal can be used in conjunction with ROCKWOOL Ablative Coated Batt for head-of-wall applications. A FIREPRO® SoftSeal Linear Joint seal comprises a low density stone wool FIREPRO® SoftSeal batt, precoated with FIREPRO® SoftSeal Flexible Coating. Depending on the applicat

Kingspan can achieve ROI of over 4000%

New independent research has shown that Kingspan Kooltherm wall insulation solutions can deliver an overwhelming Return on Investment (ROI) when installed in commercial properties. The solutions offer superior thermal performance with a thinner profile, allowing valuable useable floor area to be maximised within the designed building footprint. As a result, ROI’s of over 4000% can be achieved on the product cost, when compared with other common insulation solutions. "A lower thermal conductivity can result in thinner insulation. A thinner insulation can result in thinner external wall construction. A thinner external wall construction can result in greater internal floor area. A greater internal floor area can result in a greater Return on Investment (ROI)." The usable space within a building is a fundamental metric in understanding the valuation, thus the investment potential, of real estate. Property with greater internal floor area commands a higher rental return i


Today, ROCKWOOL will be launching its new firestopping system at the International FIREX Exhibition at ExCel London. Visitors to the event will be the first to see a live demo of FIREPRO® SoftSeal, an innovative firestopping system, which is designed for high performance buildings. FIREPRO® SoftSeal is a flexible solution, which is particularly suited to service penetrations and linear joints, where a high degree of movement needs to be accommodated. It protects cables, pipes, trunking and ductwork that voids pass through helping to ensure fire does not easily transfer through them. FIREPRO® SoftSeal is both very easy to handle and install, and has been developed specifically in response to market demand.  Not only does FIREPRO® SoftSeal offer exceptional fire performance, and impressive flexibility, but it has the added advantage of being supplied pre-coated making installation quick and easy. This new product has led to ROCKWOOL being awarded a place on the Innovation Tr


The ROCKWOOL SAP Tool provides indicative results to help assess how housing stock can be effectively refurbished with reliable outcomes. ROCKWOOL Ltd, a leading manufacturer of stone wool insulation , has developed a new, interactive Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) sensitivity tool in partnership with the Welsh School of Architecture , Cardiff University to help illustrate the benefits of upgrading works in housing renovation projects.  Social housing providers, architects and other specifiers can use the tool to estimate both the cost and carbon reductions that could be achieved across different house types through upgrading various retrofit solutions and parameters. The ROCKWOOL SAP Tool provides indicative results to help assess how housing stock can be effectively refurbished with reliable outcomes. Cardiff University has designed the software to closely follow the rules and procedures of a full-SAP calculation. It draws upon practical experience and covers a full range


ROCKWOOL has put its name forward to support WWF-UK to call on the new government to take decisive action to combat climate change and build a low-carbon economy. WWF-UK seeks to promote and raise awareness around the key environmental issues which face our planet today. It is leading calls for a new approach to governance that places low-carbon growth and the responsible management of natural capital at the heart of economic policy. ROCKWOOL will appear amongst 80 UK businesses in an open letter to the Prime Minister, and published in today’s Financial Times, in an attempt to help create an energy efficient and low carbon economy. The letter calls on the new administration to: Seek a strong global climate deal in Paris in December which limits temperature rises to below  2° C. Set an ambitious 5th carbon budget to drive forward UK emissions reductions (covering period 2028 - 32). Establish a long-term framework for investment in the low-carbon economy, giving industry

Record Breaking Waitrose Distribution Centre Makes use of Kingspan Insulation

Over 100,000m2 of Kingspan insulated panels have been used to deliver a record-breaking distribution centre for Waitrose in Milton Keynes. Contractor McLaren Construction set out to finish the entire project in just 24 weeks, a world record for a building of this type. The building, equivalent in size to 12 professional football pitches, is the retailer’s first national distribution centre and one of the UK’s largest. It is located at IDI Gazeley’s flagship Magna Park Milton Keynes development, covering 45 acres over two plots at the site. Installer FK Group was tasked with constructing the external envelope of the building with an ambitious deadline. The rapid build times associated with Kingspan insulated panel systems meant that the 87,000m2 roof was completed in just nine weeks. It features a Kingspan single-component system, which consists of 72,000m2 of Trapezoidal Roof panels in Kingspan XL Forté White and 15% roof lights to maximise natural light in the building. Kingsp


The Alliance held its first event on the 23rd April in Yinchuan, capital city of Ningzia Autonomous Region in West China. Supported by CABEE and Ningxia Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (NXDOHURD), the half-day event attracted professionals and industry practitioners from government bodies, developers, design institutes and engineering companies, as well as encouraging involvement from members of the academic community. During the seminar, various participants delivered speeches and presentations addressing the concerns and confusions about stone wool while sharing up-to-date, relevant knowledge of the sector in terms of production, application, health and environment, and fire safety. “The building industry is keen to be more informed about the latest insulation technology”, said Mr. Sui Feng, head of Building Energy Efficiency Division of NXDOHURD, after the seminar. “With the building market developing so rapidly in recent years, professionals are eager