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Rockwool Hardrock improves sound insulation performance of Primary School system by 47%

Llanfair Primary School is a well-established learning environment, having first opened its doors over 100 years ago.  The Project Llanfair Primary School is a well-established learning environment, having first opened its doors over 100 years ago. Based in Cowbridge in Wales, the school has received investment from the Vale of Glamorgan Council to improve and update facilities, with some buildings being demolished and rebuilt, while others receive upgrades.  One particular roof at the school was experiencing occasional roof leaks and required a cost effective solution. Roofing Technologies was the main contractor on this project, and worked directly with the council to complete the refurbishment works. "The product which was originally recommended would not have been compatible with the current roof surface. It was our aim to find a cost effective alternative. After hearing about the new ROCKWOOL flat roofing product, we specified its HARDROCK® Multi-Fix Recovery Boa
The invention of IPN-QuadCore is a quantum leap on the journey to high-performance buildings that are better for the environment and for business. This scientific breakthrough has led to a completely new core material for Kingspan's insulated panels that delivers the industry’s highest thermal performance, superior fire protection and enhanced environmental credentials, all backed by peace of mind and a unique 40 year thermal and structural guarantee that’s unrivaled among advanced building systems. IPN-QuadCore delivers an unbeaten thermal performance of 0.018 W/m.K*; the best in the industry. Together with optimised building design, this pushes the potential for heat loss reduction and solar gain to new levels. Better thermal efficiency in the building envelope reduces the load on heating and cooling, creating significant additional energy savings and making IPN-QuadCore a game-changer in terms of enhanced building lifetime performance. Today’s buildings must meet a v
Whether at home, work or leisure, most of our time is spent inside buildings, so it is important to feel comfortable in these spaces. The optimum environment is created from a combination of the correct ambient temperature, humidity and lighting, access to necessary resources and suitable acoustic insulation. When a sound wave passing through the air meets a partition some of the energy is reflected and the rest is absorbed. Part of the absorbed energy will spread within the partition, and the rest crosses through the partition and is transmitted to the other side, so it is important to have good, high performance acoustic insulation to enhance the quality of life. K-FLEX offers good value, high performance acoustic solutions to meet the demands of construction projects. K-FLEX insulation is high quality, has excellent durability and optimum design features, complying with the required regulations Many years’experiene in the research and development of new materials ena

Knauf’s Earthwool insulation helps Ecoliv Buildings achieve 8 star energy rating

Earthwool insulation available from Knauf Insulation helped the builders of an environment-friendly display home achieve an 8 star energy rating in Australia.  The Ecoliv Buildings Eco-Balanced Display Home by Beaumont Concepts Building Design features a finely tuned yet modest design. The Eco Balanced 1 pushes the boundaries of standard domestic construction to achieve the cost, time and resource efficiencies that appeal to the sustainable prefabricated housing market. With an 8 star energy rating, this home displays what can be achieved when building a cost-effective and environment-friendly home. The display home combines a contemporary form and streamlined layout with a passive solar design and systems integration to ensure thermal comfort all year round. The home’s interior focusses on using affordable, sustainably sourced and recyclable finishes with low toxicity to preserve the internal air quality. The passive solar design achieves an 8 star thermal performance ratin