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Rockwool Manufacturing Plant in Germany After a thorough analysis, the CEO of the ROCKWOOL Group is introducing a global programme of change to raise the level of ambition for the business. Jens Birgersson has devoted his first months as CEO of the ROCKWOOL Group to carrying out an in-depth analysis of the company’s performance. His conclusion is clear. If the company is to maintain and develop its position as the leading global supplier of stone wool – as it has to – it will have to raise profitability. ‘Stone wool has some superb characteristics. The combination of fire safety and energy efficiency is unique. Measured over a period of 50 years, our products save more than 100 times the energy that goes into producing them. The global society’s ever-increasing focus on energy efficiency presents us with some outstanding opportunities, but growth has to go hand in hand with income,’ says ROCKWOOL Group CEO Jens Birgersson. Rockwool Headquarters in Denmark The ROCKWOO


ROCKWOOL UK has recently donated 280m2 of its ROCKPRIME® blown loft insulation as part of a transformation of eight properties in Manchester creating a new community for service veterans which will be shown in a BBC One ' DIY SOS: The Big Build ’ Veterans’ Special. A first-of-its-kind partnership, the project is bringing together Manchester City DIY SOS: Big Build, Manchester City Council ; charities Walking With The Wounded and Haig Housing ; and Adactus Housing Groups - along with a huge amount of time, expertise, materials and supplies donated to the project by volunteer contractors. Described by DIY SOS's builders as their "most ambitious" project to date, works will ultimately see 62 properties in Canada Street and New Street, set in the Newton Heath part of the city, undergo major renovation. During the two one hour programmes due to be screened on BBC One on 14th and 21st October at 8pm, viewers will see eight of the streets' empty homes refurbishe


The shelter, which was airlifted into position with the help of the Slovenian army, offers breath-taking views of the surrounding Kamnik Alps and can sleep up to eight mountaineers. The project stems from an architectural workshop hosted by renowned Slovenian architects Spela Videcnik and Rok Oman, OFIS, who set the challenge to design a cabin fit to withstand the harsh Slovenian alpine climate; replacing a 50 year old, well-worn and weather-beaten existing storm shelter located on a plot below Skuta Mountain. Skuta is the third highest peak in the Kamnik Alps and therefore endures extreme climactic conditions all year round including radical temperature shifts and extreme weather fronts, making cabins such as this a necessity for mountaineers who would otherwise be completely vulnerable. Perched on the edge of a rock face, the new cabin, which was devised by a group of Harvard University students present during the workshop, is anchored to the ground using metal joints to wit


The ROCKWOOL Group provides optimal thermal solutions in the world’s northernmost observatory in Ny-Alesund, Svalbard, Norway. The Veidekke Arctic Geodetic Earth Observatory , which is part of a worldwide research network, will contribute to more accurate climate monitoring and is the northernmost observatory on the planet. The project consists of 3 main buildings, interconnected via a series of footbridges – crucial during the harsh arctic winter storms. The overall design of the construction was focussed to combat this problem, with any solution needing to be capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions in a brutally cold environment, while the unique shape of the construction also offered up an unusual challenge. The buildings are designed with multiple sloping walls, complex angles and awkward joints, causing problems for more traditional methods of insulation. As a result, ROCKWOOL insulation was chosen as a means to entirely cover the inclined walls in a manner sim

ROCKWOOL project in Manchester shortlisted for Buildings & Energy Efficiency (B&EE) Award

A ROCKWOOL regeneration project in Manchester has once again been shortlisted in an industry awards scheme. This project, which incorporates both ROCKWOOL and ROCKPANEL products, is a finalist in the Buildings & Energy Efficiency (B&EE) Awards. The B&EE Awards reward projects that showcase innovation, best practice and contribute to an attractive, energy efficient and sustainable built environment. With the judging panel including experts from the National Energy Foundation, Green Gauge Trust, Zero Carbon Hub, Salford University and Procure Plus, the process is vigorous, as the panel is looking for projects that promote excellence in buildings across the UK. ROCKWOOL has made it through the first stage and has been shortlisted for Domestic Retrofit. This category celebrates projects that have successfully produced an energy efficient building. ROCKWOOL Collyhurst project focuses on the regeneration of thirteen council-owned tower blocks. The tired, dated and the


The new facility, situated in Wielkopolska, near Wrzesnia, will manufacture the successor to the VW Crafter and is insulated using ROCKWOOL solutions. Covering an area of over 220 hectares – approximately the same size as 300 football pitches – the new plant marks the largest ever investment in the borough of Wrzesnia and will be capable of manufacturing 100, 000 cars per year once fully operational. ROCKWOOL Poland is a proven supplier in similar large-scale investments, having only last year dealt with the demand for 100,000 m2 of insulation in each of the new Amazon centres in Sady and Wroclaw. The sheer size of the new VW facility in Wrzenia required a contribution of 210, 000 m2 of ROCKWOOL slabs to the project, which will ensure industry-leading performance in fire resistance (REI) – particularly crucial in such a high-tech, costly facility. However, the key reason as to why ROCKWOOL Solutions are so readily applicable to this new VW plant is because it is a flat roof s


Already a market leader in the industrial insulation market, ROCKWOOL TECHNICAL INSULATION (RTI) shows its versatility in this latest marine project, where SeaRox is the primary solution used to insulate the ‘Harmony of the Seas’, the world’s largest cruise liner. The ship, which is set to be the largest of its kind in the world, measures a total of 361 metres long and 66 metres wide, and is the result of a $1.3 billion contract to take on the project signed in 2012 by the STX shipyard in Saint Nazaire (France), in cooperation with Royal Caribbean Cruises . RTI is the chosen insulation provider for the ship, which has necessitated a supply of over 1,800 tonnes of SeaRox products, equating to more than 320,000 m2 of insulation. Daniela Ferrari, Sales Manager for RTI, explains: “The fire safe qualities of SeaRox insulation make the ship a safer place for crew members and guests, while the acoustic and thermal benefits create a more comfortable and relaxing environment for trave