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Renovation improves air quality say IEA study

The thermal renovation of buildings can play a key role in reducing air pollutants, according to research commissioned by the European Insulation Manufacturers Association (EURIMA). The news comes as an International Energy Agency (IEA) report released today reveals that 6.5 million premature deaths every year can be attributed to air pollution.( 1) The Clean Air Scenario report, a cost-effective strategy to cut pollutant emissions by more than half, based on existing technologies and proven policies, says: “Without changes to the way that the world produces and uses energy, the ruinous toll from air pollution on human life is set to rise.” Energy efficient renovation of buildings can contribute to better air quality, says the research for EURIMA. The study found that particle matter could be cut by up 9% and sulphur dioxide by 6.3% in North Western Europe using a model based on an annual retrofit rate of 2% across 25 European countries from 2005 to 2020 compared with a bus

Energy audits reveal the true opportunity in insulating in industry

This week is Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels where the European Commission and other stakeholders will discuss ways to help the EU reach its energy and climate ambitions through sustainable energy initiatives. Knauf Insulation believes that one good place to start is  industrial insulation . A recent report from Eiif reaffirms the cost-effective energy savings potential of industrial insulation. The research found the plants were losing out on yearly energy savings of more than 750,000MW/h adding up to an emission reduction potential of more than 500,000 tonnes of CO2 — the annual equivalent emissions from 110,000 cars. The audits, known as Technical Insulation Performance Checks or TIPCHECKS, also revealed that the investments for remediating insulation deficiencies paid back in less than one or two years, resulting in a total cost saving potential of at least €23.5 million. As a result of the TIPCHECK audits, a total of 75% of the plants audited were either planning to

Knauf Insulation Technical Solutions

Regardless of whether for the refurbishing of old buildings or for the equipment of new buildings, low thermal conductivity combined with excellent ease of installation and fire-safe products are the core elements of modern, sustainable insulating solutions. In addition to thermal insulation, there are applications where appropriate sound insulation performance is a major priority. In the field of domestic installations, Knauf Insulation Technical Solutions provides the complete range of products for all the usual applications in the fields of heating and sanitary facilities, air-conditioning and ventilation as well as for the construction of sound muffling units. Pipe section HPS 035 AluR The mineral fibre pipe sections HPS 035 AluR are wound and ground, non-flammable pipe sections made from Mineral Wool. The product has a jacket made from glass-fibre reinforced aluminium and is equipped with a self-adhesive closure in the longitudinal direction. Optimum i