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Achieve up to 2 hours fire protection on ductwork with Knauf's Rocksilk Pyroduct Slab

Rock mineral wool is totally non-combustible: it has excellent fire insulation properties. Knauf Insulation’s Rocksilk® PyroDuct  is made from rock mineral wool: it’s been certified as providing steel ventilation ductwork – both Type A and B – with up to two hours fire protection. Rocksilk® PyroDuct is just one of Knauf Insulation’s market leading range of HVAC insulation products . Rock mineral wool is justifiably well known for having excellent fire insulation properties and, having been tested in accordance with BS 476-4: 1970(1984), is classified as ‘non-combustible’. It’s a feature that Rocksilk® PyroDuct makes good use of. Rocksilk® PyroDuct is a high density, rock mineral wool insulation slab specifically designed to provide fire protection for steel ventilation ducts and can be used for horizontal and vertical ducts, ducts passing through compartment walls and floors and kitchen extract ductwork. Rocksilk® PyroDuct has also been tested in accordance with BS 476-24: 198
Available to buy online now at Superglass Handy Pack 44 is a lightweight, non-combustible glass mineral wool insulation roll. The flexible roll is perforated at 2 x 570mm & 3 x 380mm to allow easy installation between common joist spacings and minimum on-site cutting and waste. Superglass Handy Pack 44 is mainly used to provide thermal and acoustic insulation in lofts/cold roofs. However, it can be used in a number of other applications where a lightweight glass mineral wool product is required. Thermal Performance Handy Pack 44 has a thermal conductivity of 0.044W/mK. Fire Performance Superglass products are classified as Euroclass A1 to BS EN 13501-1. Superglass products being non-combustible will not contribute towards a fire load. Environment Superglass products have zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and zero Global Warming Potential (GWP). The products are also CFC and HCFC free. Recycled Content Superglass produ