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Pipe Insulation Materials

At  we offer a range of materials, each suitable for different applications. Pipe insulation is very much "horses for courses"; what is perfect for one application may be totally unsuitable for another. A few factors you may want to consider are: What is your budget? There is little point paying for an expensive material if a cheaper one will do the same job but equally it is a false economy to opt for a cheap product that will not do the job. Where is the pipe you want to insulate? If you are running pipework in an attic space then usually something like a common polyethylene foam will do nicely but if you are insulating a plant room then a foil faced mineral fibre or phenolic foam would suit better. If the pipework is outdoors you need to consider whether or not the material is UV stable and if not what sort of protection is appropriate? Does the product need to be pre-split? A lot of products come pre split for ease of application